Liberi Di

The company has participated in many very prestigious events such as the world famous “Il Ballo Del Doge”, the New Year’s Eve celebration at Bardutt’s Palace in St Moritz, and at Bauers in Venice. The list of clients that have asked for Liberi Di’s artists for their conventions is a long and high-profile one: Ferrari, Givenchy, Whirpoool, Deutsch Bank, Unicredit, Giorgio Armani, Nikon, Wella and Swatch among others. The company has also performed in several other important fairs such as: “Il Salone del Mobile” in Milan, Cosmoprof, Milano Danza Expo, Photoshow and many festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Freiburg International Kultur Boerse, Kultur Pur, Lunatica, Stage on the Water, Moncalvo in Danza and many more.

Events Liberi Di... Physical Theatre. Italian acrobatic company.
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