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Liberi di… presents its latest creation, what is it? It’s Something!

When hurdles try to stop us, when problems appear to be unsolvable, we seek something to carry on. This is the search of a new hope, the endeavor to overcome a difficult moment. This is Liberi di…’s answer to the crisis. It’s when we fall to the ground, that we discover just how strong we really are.  This is the spirit that drove Liberi di… to create this show: “Something” is a good reason to get up and a good  reason to laugh every day. It will take you to a journey through different tableaus, that will make you dream, that will leave you breathless, and above all that will make you laugh! From everyday situations to dreamy atmospheres, “Something” is the backstage of a crazy dream.
  • Cast: 7 dancers/acrobats
  • Music: rock/pop
  • Choreography: Liberi Di…
  • Duration: 60 minutes in 1 act 


Sospesi nell’ aria, a terra,  immersi nell’acqua… un susseguirsi di coreografie esplosive dove tutta la fisicità…

Within its miracle life brings each one of us to remember step by step the path of the whole evolution, from infinitely small to infinetly large, from single to multiple, from simple to complex. In_Evolution takes us through this journey again, exploring life from its very beginning at an embryonic stage to the complexity of human relationships.

Liberi Di… creates a new scenic language that leads the audience to rediscover the magic of life that flies, dances, laughs, evolves. Suspended in the air, on the ground and even plunged in the water, the artists overcome the limits of human body in a world without  gravity and without borders.

  • Cast: 6 dancers/acrobats
  • Music: rock/pop and movie soundtrack
  • Choreography: Liberi Di…
  • Duration : 70 minutes in 1 act or 80 minutes + break in 2 acts


“I remeber seeing as a child the snow that in winter lined the sky with soft voice and silenced the mouth of noise” (Tonino Guerra)

In winter the city becomes grey and cold, just like the weather. During the dark days people lock themselves inside, as if they wanted to find a shelter from the chill, they walk in a hurry to arrive home and find some warmth. They don’t have time to stop and look around, or listen. Yet the city keeps existing, and thousands of secret stories weave together, for those who can take the time to pay attention, even under the snow.

 Inverni is a show that comes from the cold, and that discover again a little magic in an icicle, in a blow of freezing wind, and in every snow-flake. Among incredible acrobatics and bursts of unexpected laughter Liberi Di… show the World that there is always a reason to return to dream …

  • Cast: 7 dancers/acrobats
  • Music: from René Aubry to Chemical Brothers, from Armando Trovajoli to Animatrix Kitaro
  • Choreography: Liberi Di…
  • Duration: 80 minutes


Everybody knows the famous fairy tail about the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy, but if the story is told by Liberi Di… surprises and emotions are granted! All the characters that you already love and that made a masterpiece of “The Adventures of Pinocchio” are brought back to life with an eclectic language that is dance, circus and drama all together. Forget of everything you know about Pinocchio and let yourself be amazed by Liberi Di…

  • Cast: 6 dancers/acrobats
  • Music: rock/pop and movie soundtrack, from Edward Scissorhands to the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Duration: 50 minutes in 1 act, or 3 acts lasting 15 minutes each in case of dinner show


A show inspired by the most terrifying night of the year: Halloween! Among cauldrons, pumpkins and spells, weird creatures emerge from the graves, witches fly in the night sky and werewolves howl at the full moon! The dark side of  Liberi Di… is terrifyingly fun! The show is available in two different versions: one more suitable for children and one only for the bravest grownups, let yourself be charmed…

  • Cast: 6 dancers/acrobats
  • Music: rock/pop and movie soundtrack
  • Choreography: Liberi Di…
  • Duration: 60 minutes in 1 act.

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