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“Enjoy yourself, enjoy your talent”

Liberi di … School took shape in 2013 as the realization of a strong desire to pass on their experience and passion to others through the teaching of various artistic disciplines related to physical theater, acrobatics and the contemporary circus.

Located in the urban context of the ancient Milanese farmhouses, the School today presents itself as a modern meeting point for the performing arts, in a structure that allows it to host courses of various levels dedicated to adults and children.
Following the experience gained in over 10 years of shows, the Company shares the most effective techniques, methods and styles with the students to achieve high levels of professionalism in this sector: Aerial Dance, Acrobatics and Contortion are some of the disciplines that more characterize the work of the company and are offered to students in different versions and levels based on age and experience.

To complete the training proposals, you can find circus lessons for children and teenagers, modern contemporary lessons, theater, Pole Dance, Parkour, Calisthenics and much more …