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The company Liberi Di… creates and develops artistic projects not only for theatre, but also for any kind of events anywhere in the world. Putting its experience and originality to work Liberi Di… takes the customer throughout the process, not only from the artistic point of view, but also taking care of the technical and organizational aspects, from the initial idea to an outstanding final result.

Organizing an event is, of course, a very complicated business. There might be several variables to take into account, and sometimes the artistic part may be considered a secondary feature. With Liberi Di, the artistic moments of an event will never be secondary, and will definitely make it memorable. The more the guests will be wowed, the more the brand associated to the show will be remembered. 

Aware of the importance of this responsibility Liberi Di makes all its experience and professionalism available for the customer:

  • Designing and shaping a specific concept especially created for the occasion;
  • Taking care of details from the technical and logistic point of view;
  • Using art to deliver an emotion or a specific message

Liberi Di has long-time experience, highly qualified technicians and extremely talented artists, in order to create something unforgettable and enhance any brand.


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