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About Us

Curiosity is the seed of continuous growth. This is the spirit with which Liberi Di faces the world, and inspires, entertains and moves with its art, molded in a perfect and elegant mixture of dynamism and balance.

The purpose of Liberi Di… Physical Theatre  is to divulge its multiform language, through the shows and the teaching of the various disciplines they perform on stage.

The company was founded in 2007 by Davide Agostini, Stefano Pribaz, Valentina Marino and Giulia Piolanti, four very experienced gymnasts who turned into artists studying circus arts, dance and acting.

The creative blend of these disciplines gave rise to the constant growth of the project, giving the audiences emotions through the expressiveness of the body, the harmony of movement and the magic of music.

In 2013 the new adventure of teaching is started, with the launch of “Liberi Di School” a multifunctional center opened in Milan, with the slogan” enjoy yourself, enjoy your talent!”