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Their name is also often associated with concerts and musical performances; to remember the fantastic tour of Biagio Antonacci which opens at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, with the elegant movements of a performer on aerial fabrics and inside a transparent sphere, or the exciting choreography that accompany “The Dream Seller”, a show created by Cesare Cadeo.
The most recent collaboration in the musical field is the one with Alessandra Amoroso in the video clip of the single Fuoco D’artificio for which the Liberi di … have edited and interpreted the choreographic part and participated in the first date of the Tour at the Verona Arena live on Canale 5.
The elegance and spectacularity of the performances that this company offers were captured by the cameras of various television broadcasts in which it was a guest. The Look of The Year, New Year 5, Tu si Que Vales (Spain), Italia’s Got Talent, Beat The Best (France), Crozza in Wonderland, Afternoon 5, Io Canto, These are us with Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo, SuperBrain on RAI 1, Cirque du Cirille, Ginnaste Vite Parallele and Rai Gulp …
In the advertising field we remember Gazzetta, Galbusera, Maalox, Brail, Sansonite, Grazia, IGT which are just some of the spots that saw the participation of the Liberi di …

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